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Clients from non-English speaking backgrounds:

Future Aotearoa Ltd requires clients to have a reasonable standard of English to ensure they can successfully settle into the New Zealand community and find employment. Therefore, the English language proficiency of each principal applicant must be assessed before an agreement is entered into. 
Each principal applicant will be asked to submit one piece of writing and do a speaking test over Skype.  The applicant's English level will be assessed by a professional who is based in New Zealand and the results will be passed on to Future Aotearoa Ltd, who will then make the decision to accept the client or not. 

Future Aotearoa Ltd is pleased to offer this service to our clients as it will help assess the suitability of each applicant. More information about the fees for this service can be found in the Services section.
Improving your English
There are many ways to improve your English before coming to New Zealand.
- Read newspapers and books in English to familiarize yourself with English grammar       and improve your vocabulary
- Study for the IELTS test in a class or online with resources such as IELTS test ONLINE
- Improve your grammar and vocabulary and learn common informal English phrases         with apps like Explain English for iPhone / iPad

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